Thursday, October 4, 2012

scatter brained

ok everyone I did decide to make my own web site and let me tell you it is alot of work especially when you dont know that much about widgets and things like that you know the computer lingo :) well I have spent the majority of the day on it and I now somewhat know kinda what im doing I guess we will find out once i finish the layout, I havent done any of the crafts except the jewelry so my neat ideas page is empty it says comming soon I have so many ideas going on at once and this is what always happens to me i get scatter brained . Im so excited I own my own domain and thats pretty cool when opened it will be awesome huh? there is so much I need to learn though, right now i hear the pillow calling my name so goodnight and stay tuned I have so much in store ..................please excuse me during construction I'm bringing my imagination to LIFE.............                                                                          always Tiffany

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