" My Story"

  Hello my name is Tiffany I am a stay at home mommy and wife that is on a journey in finding myself, I woke up one day and figured out that my life, the person I was is not who I want to be so i ventured into the world of blogging.

        I started to attend church regularly and got inspiration to be confident in myself and open up my own little craft shop. Crafting has always been a passion for me I have a collection of every kind of glue ever, I have collected scrapbook stuff, beads, and all kinds of other neat stuff, but all my stuff has sat there like a collection so this new me that i am molding is going to use it all.
           My idea is to (once my foundation to my business is finished) make the neat craft that I come across and make the crafts that I think are neat then sell them on my site that way I can craft whatever I think is neat and not have a collection of clutter and still get to keep collecting all my stuff.
genius I tell you................................................ Tiffany :)

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