" Neat Idea"

        I always love a neat idea and i would love to start actually trying out the ones that I love, plus I could sell the items that I make in my shop at the etsy site is etsy.com/shop/LivingImagination

     Im goin with it. I love to craft, as I come acoss neat ideas this is where I will keep tack of them so I dont forget all the nifty doable ones . maybe i can group them together for the holidays. Oh im so excited. i wonde how to tie things to pinterest hmm  well here are the neat ideas I have found so far:          full web site soon to come
1. key chains
2. peace rocks, or bug rocks (lady bug paper weight)
3 beaded book marks
4. lanyard
5. denim covers
6. bottle cap candles
7.papper beads
8.christmas ortaments

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