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 Hi my name is Tiffany
 Welcome to "Living Imagination" I am your " Personal Crafter "

     I love to craft neat things and make beautiful hand made jewelry.
I have so many ideas and love exploring other peoples ideas to .
" Living Imagination " is the place to watch imagination become a reality. You can purchase an already made item that you love, from my shop. Or you can place an order that is Custom made from the "neat idea" list.  Most items can be personalized to your specification. If you have an idea you would like to see me execute I'm all ears and ready to give it a go. I will do the " leg work" for you .My goal at "living Imagination" is to not only live through my own imagination and create beautiful things, but also bring your imagination to life if you dont have the time to create it yourself.
              When You make a special order, say your having a party I can make as many of the item as you need, or say you just need a unique piece of jewelry to match a specific outfit I can do that to, the less there are of the item the more unique it is.
To make it Special is to make it Personal.
thanks for looking....Tiffany :)
To see my shop visit me at

or to place a order through e-mail at

Have a AWESOME day and dont forget to Smile

                                          Tiffany :)

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