Friday, October 12, 2012

coming soon

Hello every one I'm so excited its like my going to be able to love what i do and do what i love :)That's awesome yes its a slow start but guess what I'm a quick learner and i found some help . :) My new and improved site is being set up and will be ready soon i cant wait I'm trying to take this time and get organized and stocked up, I have never had so much to do all the time it feels like, but that's a good thing. I have so many ideas and projects that need to be started, I thought i had my work space worked out the way I want it ,in a way that it would be best function able, ya not the case. Organization its not my best quality, I'm trying so hard but it never works all the way.

I need some suggestions if anyone has any you know like maybe a book on organizing in plane English :). any which way ill figure it out i always do crafting is my passion and i love the fact that I'm going to be able to do what i love and maybe make some money at it enough to keep me going at least I'm such a lucky girl to have my husbands full support :) have an awesome day :)

                           Always, Tiffany creator @living imagination 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

scatter brained

ok everyone I did decide to make my own web site and let me tell you it is alot of work especially when you dont know that much about widgets and things like that you know the computer lingo :) well I have spent the majority of the day on it and I now somewhat know kinda what im doing I guess we will find out once i finish the layout, I havent done any of the crafts except the jewelry so my neat ideas page is empty it says comming soon I have so many ideas going on at once and this is what always happens to me i get scatter brained . Im so excited I own my own domain and thats pretty cool when opened it will be awesome huh? there is so much I need to learn though, right now i hear the pillow calling my name so goodnight and stay tuned I have so much in store ..................please excuse me during construction I'm bringing my imagination to LIFE.............                                                                          always Tiffany

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

halloween eyeball project

I just had to save this link to start the boys halloween costumes they are going to be eyeballs and for the life of me i couldnt remember what to call paper mache lol

Thursday, September 27, 2012

sneak preview

 sneak preview will be listed soon

Extra long styles available with clasps also

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Library stop :)

              I picked up a few books at the library today to give me some ideas.I also picked up some how to draw books for Cody.
         My son drew this really awesome picture it has so much detail the more I looked at it the more detail i saw from the reel on the fishing pole to the anchor in the water he put how much weight (pons is what he wrote) that will be added to his spelling list . lol.  I'm going to sit down with him tonight and write the special story that he has to go with this picture then frame it. I want to get this boy a canvas and some paints ...hmmmm

   Also exciting news my limits were increased on eBay so I can sell more items to accumulate the cash to buy the craft materials that I need :) I'm still trying to develop my working space.... ill keep you posted :)   Tiffany

Sunday, September 23, 2012

setting up shop

  Oh my goodness how my life is just going 100 miles a minute. The saying "change your mind and your life will follow" is definatly the truth thats for sure I am living proof. If you think you cant then you cant no matter how bad you want to. If you think instead hey maybe Ill at least ty then life may surprise you. I am learning how to make my dreams become a reality and just letting it happen instead of being my own road block.

  my shop is open now as you all know

 Im off to a slow start its a work in progress I only have a few items listed, that will all change soon I also have an ebay store my user name is also living.Imagination where I sell clothes and treasures that I find. Creating things and treasure hunting My Dream Jobs, and I am making those dreams a reality its awesome. I need a better space to work then inside my room so my project for the moment is creating an awesome working atmosphere so my room can be my sancuary :)  

  The future at living imagination is going to be remarkable just wait and see. I hope to show myself and others at the same time that your deams are possible by Living through your Imagination     stay tuned :) Tiffany