Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Library stop :)

              I picked up a few books at the library today to give me some ideas.I also picked up some how to draw books for Cody.
         My son drew this really awesome picture it has so much detail the more I looked at it the more detail i saw from the reel on the fishing pole to the anchor in the water he put how much weight (pons is what he wrote) that will be added to his spelling list . lol.  I'm going to sit down with him tonight and write the special story that he has to go with this picture then frame it. I want to get this boy a canvas and some paints ...hmmmm

   Also exciting news my limits were increased on eBay so I can sell more items to accumulate the cash to buy the craft materials that I need :) I'm still trying to develop my working space.... ill keep you posted :)   Tiffany

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