Tuesday, September 18, 2012

" The Ball is Rolling "

        Well the creative juices are flowing and the more I think about the future the more excited I get. Yes it takes me a minute to make the inventory I am way critical about my own work, I have to want to wear it or I just cant make it , I was told that was one of my down falls, just because I wont wear it doesn't mean someone else might not love it. 
        So far I only have almost 4 completed and they are all different styles but  I love them all. That was actually my problem when I first bought the beads you see I would make them and love them so much that I didn't want to sell them because it took me forever to make and i wanted to keep them, so I did. :) That cant happen this time :) the excitement of the possibilities my future holds is actually giving me some cool ideas they will all be one of a kind.
      I have a collection of old charms and pendents and pins things like that that requires a little bit more time to create a idea but that's not now that will be in the future now its sticking to what I know to impress my soon to be clientele.
    I of course had a road block when tying to post pictures so I'm just waiting to fix the problem so i can show you all my progress.

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