Thursday, September 20, 2012

my shop announcement :)

       Hi everyone my name is Tiffany this is my hobby lobby where I
          " craft neat things"  and make beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewelry
               I have so many ideas and love exploring other peoples ideas to
 " Crafting Neat Things " is the place to watch the idea become a reality and then purchase already made items that you love or place an order Special made off the neat idea list,  it can be made to your specification. If you have an idea you would like to see me execute thats not on the "Neat Idea" list I'm all ears and willing to give it a go. I will do the " leg work for you ".
              If You make a special order I can make as many as you need if your having a party, or as few as needed , the less there are the more unique it is. To make it personal is making it special.
                                                                                     thanks for looking....Tiffany :)

Exploring hand made crafts by craftingneatthings on Etsy

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