" Current Project"

10-12-12 hello everyone here is an update on my current project yes my shop is open on etsy but i have graduated into bigger better things i started trying to build my own site well lets just say i needed some help and i found some so my new and improved web site will be up soon 

 i am tying to find something big and round to use as the base to the eyeball fo the boys halloween outfit any ideas please post comment  thanks....................tiffany

My shop is now open

     Everyone that loves to craft knows that some projects take time well some of them take more time then others. Mine actually take longer that's why I am going to keep track with this page dedicated to whatever it is that I'm working on at the moment.
     At the moment I must consume my time with making inventory for my shop and focusing on taking pictures and getting the things listed once I am established both there and have my blog set up with all the different topics this page will be one of the funnest to visit.... next up will be Cody's Halloween costume.
        I have made his costume every year last year he was a cell phone the year before he won 1st place at his school with his hot dog costume this year its an eye ball lol.........................................Tiffany :)

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